Raft Wars

Are you fed up of playing the same good old shooter games? Do you want to try playing something different and much more interesting? Then, hold your breath; as in this post there are several games mentioned that will keep you captivated to your joystick. There are numerous shooter games available on the Internet, but the Raft Wars series is certainly different from the rest.

This series will provide you with several hours of fun, while making you experience some of the trickiest challenges in the game. The Raft Wars series can be played by all age groups as it has a user-friendly interface. Controlling the game is simple and can be managed easily by the younger generation. So, are you ready to complete the challenging levels with Simon and his brother?

Raft Wars 1:

Simon is a 3-year old boy who discovers treasure worth more than 10 million on an island. Obviously, Simon won’t be able to protect the treasure from the pirates. He is taking help from his brother but he needs your expert tricks and strategies. So, are you equipped to help him out? All you need to do is shoot the enemies and make them fall in the water. Ensure that you eliminate them quickly and with less number of shots so that you are awarded with credits. These credits can be used for purchasing several power-ups, thus making your game an engrossing one.

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Raft Wars 2:

The story continues; Simon and his brother go for a long holiday after defeating hundreds of enemies. When they return, they are shocked to see a water park constructed at the same place where they had hidden the treasure. They need to use some great strategies to kill the security guards from the water park. This is not going to be easy at all! They have to learn to aim well and shoot at an angle where it will never miss its mark. This will ensure that the guards are killed instantly. So, be ready with your powerful weapons!

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Raft Wars 3:

Simon and his brother have defeated the enemies twice and are now finding it difficult to protect their treasure from the waves of the dangerous opponents. They are in need of powerful arms and ammunitions so that they can kill the opponents quickly. These ammunitions can be purchased by the in-game currency and for earning that Simon needs to work harder. The Raft Wars 3 is jam-packed with numerous enemies and obstacles that will keep you captivated to your screens. The game has several new challenging levels and some of them are really tricky and confusing. So, make Simon your friend, and help him out in this entertaining online game.

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Raft Wars 4:

The enemies seem to be growing in thousands! Simon and his brother have decided to damage the rafts of the enemies so that they can reach new stages of the game quickly. New levels will provide them with loads of Cash; the in-game currency but reaching new levels is tough. They need to look out for other alternatives too. Protective upgrades and bigger rafts will save them from the opponents. These can be purchased with Cash. The little boy is in dire need of help. So, get ready to help Simon and his brother out from the clutches of the enemies. Do whatever you can to protect them and their treasure. Try your skills now in the engrossing Raft Wars series!

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