Raft Wars 1

Raft Wars is a cute flash based online shooter game, which can be played on all the browsers, but you should have the latest version of Flash player installed. The game is about a 3-year old boy named Simon who discovers treasure worth more than 10 million on an island. You can team up with his brother in order to protect his treasure from hoards of pirates, Vikings, and all others who are after it.

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The objective of the game is to shoot the enemies till they fall in the water and at the same time prevent your game avatar from drowning. The controls are very simple; even a child can play the game without any difficulties. Below mentioned are the control configurations of the game:

  • Aim: Mouse can be used to aim at the enemies as well as look around.
  • Shooting: You can shoot the enemies by using the left mouse click.

You are awarded credits on the completion of each level. In order to score more credit points, you need to eliminate all the enemies in less number of shots and minimum time. These credits can be utilized to buy several power-ups that are mentioned below:

  • Grenade: Grenades can be used to shoot at the enemies. It causes greater damage and area of impact is also higher compared to the regular shots.
  • Rockets: Rockets move at a greater speed; hence causes a tremor when it comes in contact with the opponents raft. Rockets also make the opponents fall from the raft if it reaches its mark.
  • New Rafts: New and bigger rafts can be purchased by using credits. Bigger rafts means more hands to shoot the enemies as well as defend oneself from enemy attacks.

>> Click Here To Play Raft Wars 1 <<


You can also compete with other players by submitting their game scores online, and keep a track of top players on the leader board classified on daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time basis. The game becomes progressively difficult as each level brings enemies more viscous and deadly than the previous level plus you encounter more number of enemies in each level. If you want to excel in this game, then use the below listed tips and tricks:

  • Remember it is an angle shooting game, so shoot the enemies at a correct angle by properly calculating the angle before shooting.
  • Try to plan your shots carefully so that they don’t miss the mark; shots are limited so make every shot count.
  • Upgrade your raft at any instance available, as bigger raft gives you a perfect edge by providing additional players to defend yourself and attack enemies.
  • Save credits for the later stages of the game as the earlier stages can be cleared easily without the help of power-ups.
  • Use power-ups such as grenades and rockets on stronger enemies or at those enemies that are standing at a distance. Moreover, power-ups have a remarkable range and cause more damage than a regular bullet.

If you follow these tips and tricks religiously then you can easily become a professional in the Raft Wars game!

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