Raft Wars 2

Raft Wars 2 is the 2nd installment of Raft War Games series and similar to its predecessors, it is a browser based shooting game. The story of Raft Wars 2 continues where Raft Wars ended. After defeating hordes of enemies in order to protect their treasure; Simon and his brother go on a long, deserving holiday.

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On their way back, they realize that the treasure they had hidden from their greedy parents and tax collectors is gone, as at the very same place a water park is constructed. In order to retrieve their missing treasure, the brothers conspire to close the water park by ruining their business. This time they need to defeat security guards from the water parks.

The game controls are extremely simple and mouse based; you can move around and aim by rotating the mouse and at the same time shoot at the enemies using the left click of the mouse.

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You are awarded Gold at the end of each level, which depends on factors such as Win or lose, number of shots used to clear level, time taken, etc. The level of difficulty increases with each level so the rewards are also higher. You can buy the below-mentioned power ups in order to assist the siblings in completing the game.

  • Grenades: These babies can cause extra-ordinary damage if aimed and shot at the correct angle and time. An explosion is caused when it touches the ground, which results in damage to the enemies standing on their area of impact.
  • Rocket: Similar to grenades, rockets also cause greater damage and they also have a greater range. They can be used to target the enemies that are located at a distance as they cause maximum damage in case of long distance shots.
  • Multi Shot: This power-up can split a single shot into 3 shots. Moreover, if it is shot at a correct angle, it will help to eliminate multiple enemies in a single shot.
  • Rafts: Bigger Rafts can be purchased with more Gold and they will protect you from falling down in the water when struck by bullet.
  • Accessories: Head gears and other accessories such as Viking Helmets, binoculars, etc. can also be purchased with Gold. Not sure if it protects you from damage, but it surely makes Simon and his brother look adorable.

The game can be easily cleared if you use the below mentioned tricks and tips:

  • Never miss a shot: This is a war that needs to be won at any cost, so try to shoot at an angle where it will never miss its mark.
  • Learn from your mistakes: In this game, you can view the angle of your last shot. So, if the shot has not found its mark then aim accordingly, ensuring that the same bad shot is not played twice.
  • Use Power Ups: Take assistance of the right power ups at a right opportunity, and do not use them unless it is required.
  • Save your Gold: Save the Gold so that you can use it to buy better Rafts and Power Ups, which will help you in the later stages of the game.

These tips and tricks will enhance your gaming experience and will certainly make your gameplay more interesting.

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