Raft Wars 3

Raft Wars 3 is an engrossing sequel of Raft Wars 2. The game revolves around 3-year old Simon and his brother, and their journey in protecting their treasure from the waves of dangerous enemies. The game can be played on all browsers, except that it is equipped with the latest version of flash player. The objective of the game is to survive from the powerful enemy attacks and stay victorious at the end.

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The game is a must play for adults as well as kids due to the following reasons:

  • Mouse Controls: The controls are mouse based, which means that anyone who is not familiar with keyboard control configurations can easily play it.
  • Stress Buster: The cool graphics and engaging story keeps you hooked on the game, and above that it is also a good way to relieve yourself from day to day stress.
  • User Friendly: The game is extremely user-friendly and a 4-year old kid can also play it without any difficulties. Moreover, there is no need for parental guidance as the violence is not disturbing but funny.
  • Supremacy: You can prove your supremacy over other players by submitting your scores and monitoring them on the leader boards.

>> Click Here To Play Raft Wars 3 <<


In order to enjoy the game to the fullest, you can follow the below stated tips and guidelines:

  • Save the game currency and use them to buy upgrades that will aid you in clearing the game.
  • The Scoring system is based on lots of factors; understand them and try achieving all of them to gain more score points.
  • Don’t be hasty; plan your shots beforehand and play them carefully in order to inflict maximum damage on enemy troops.

Try out the Raft Wars 3 right away, and help Simon and his brother to overcome all challenges in order to protect their treasure from the enemies.

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