Raft Wars 4

Raft Wars 4 is the 4th installment of the Raft Wars series. It gives the firsthand accounts of the life of Simon and his brother, and their journey to protect their treasure from the enemies. In this game, you need to survive the enemy attacks by damaging their rafts in order to level up. Moreover, you need to face different hordes of enemies and defeat them as you keep progressing in this interesting online game.

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The game can be played by all age groups as it has mouse based controls, which means that the entire movement of the game can be controlled with the help of a mouse.

Below mentioned are some features that will induce you to play this game:

  • The game features cute characters and a cool back story, which is hardly found in similar online games.
  • Even if you complete the game, the gaming experience and the characters will stay with you for a longer time.
  • The cool Power ups will make your gameplay more enjoyable and help you in clearing difficult levels.
  • It can be played on any system as long as it is equipped with a flash player enabled browser.

>> Click Here To Play Raft Wars 4 <<


There may be several instances when you will get stuck up in the game. So, to make your life easier, following are some important tips and tricks that will aid you in this game:

  • Hit it where it hurts the most; target the enemies on those areas where a possibility of greater damage exists.
  • There is no way to escape the damage, so try minimizing it by buying bigger rafts and protective upgrades.
  • Be patient as it takes time to clear some levels; remember even Rome was not built in a day!

So, join Simon and his brother in their escapade to defeat the most dangerous and viscous enemies of all times. Happy gaming!

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